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American Aberdeen Cattle

Madd Ox Farm was established in 2016 in Saint Hedwig, Texas. Saint Hedwig is in Bexar County, just East of San Antonio, Texas. We purchased our first American Aberdeen cattle in October 2019 after raising regular Angus for some time and are very incredibly pleased with the American Aberdeen breed. Our farm is small acreage, and we enjoy every minute working with the cattle, gardening, fishing in the pond, and more. We switched to lowline Aberdeen cattle because they are so well suited for small acreage.









We are happy to help others with small acreage to get small herds established for AG exemptions and beef production. In addition, the American Aberdeen breed is very gentle and smaller frame which makes for ease of handling, ease of calving and good for showing.

Cattle for Sale


American Aberdeen cattle are a smaller breed of cattle with average heights of 40 to 48 inches. In our experience, they calve very easily and are very gentle to work with (and are somewhat spoiled) which also makes them easy for families to take care of or for children to show. American Aberdeen cattle do well on a grass-fed diet and are cost efficient to feed. This breed does well on smaller acreage. Even though they are a smaller breed, their beef yield is high and premium quality. If you are looking for premium beef, the American Aberdeen is one of the best breeds to select.


RAP Belvedere 26G

Fullblood Black Polled Bull FM 41781
Birth date: 05/26/19
Sire: FM 21737 Alta Demolition BIL 214Y
Dam: FF 25837 RAP ZOE 22B


3 Heifers for Sale:

206G: OX Brianna (Born: 11/24/29)
237G: OX Brittany (Born: 11/15/19)
242H: OX Bella (Born: 1/23/20, Fullblood)
All sired by Alta Demolition
DNA and Registration Pending
Please contact for details


RAP Beauregard 42G

Fullblood Black Polled Bull FM 41782
Birth date: 04/26/19
Sire: FM 21737 Alta Demolition BIL 214Y
Dam: FF 24110 EZ Quadrille 1B


OX Bodie 27G

Birth date: 11/27/19
Sire: Alta Demolition
(Full Blood American Aberdeen)
Dam: EZ Misty (3/4 blood moderator)
DNA and registration pending.
Please contact for details.

Beef Direct to Consumer

At Madd Ox Farm our American Aberdeen Angus cattle provide a prime quality of beef cuts if you decide to select one for beef consumption. Lowline Aberdeen Angus meat is known for its marbling and tenderness with a larger ribeye percentage, which makes it better than prime beef.

We welcome consumer beef customers to come pick out cattle for purchase. We can also arrange for the processing of the beef, if needed, and will take the cattle to be processed at a USDA approved site, then cold transported to a butcher to hang and age the beef. The customer can meet with the butcher to arrange the cuts. We recommend a 21-day aging process. Meat will be vacuumed packaged and ready to go in about three weeks. Prices are based on market and demand.

Contact us to discuss options and pricing.

Texas Mesquite Firewood

Texas Mesquite Firewood is a popular fire fuel for barbecue, grilling or smoking ribs, brisket or steak. It provides a distinct smokey flavor because it’s sweeter than hickory and richer in flavor. Texas Mesquite Firewood also burns hotter and lasts longer than traditional charcoal.

At Madd Ox Farm, we only cut the best Texas Mesquite for use in your grilling and BBQ recipes and offer two box sizes of Texas Mesquite Firewood for your various grilling and BBQ needs. Boxes are packed with Texas Mesquite Firewood that is cut into approximately 6-inch lengths of wood.

Contact us today for Texas Mesquite Firewood!

Large box 18”L x 12”W x 12”H $30.00 + shipping
Small box 18" x 12" x 7" $20.00 + shipping

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